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The Donald and a tale of arrogant nepotism? » antworten
von Proteus-, 2017-05-25, 12:19  Spam?  91.115.209....
PS:  #871082
von Proteus-, 2017-05-25, 12:24  Spam?  91.115.209....
John Oliver Dug Into All the Contradictions of Ivanka and Jared

The adventures of First Daughter and Son-in-Law-in-Chief
Battle of Brisbane » antworten
von Catesse (AU), Last modified: 2017-05-24, 09:15  Spam?  
I was thinking of entering this in dict, but there seems to be no equivalent German term. "Schlacht um" does not seem appropriate, and the incident is little known outside Australia. Still, some people might be interested in it.
Wikipedia(EN): Battle_of_Brisbane
The above was written by an American. The following, with interesting photos, was written by an Australian (a colleague of mine).
von Miroslaw, 2017-05-24, 10:07  Spam?  87.149.89....
Why don't you say: 'Unruhen in Brisbane' rather than saying 'Schlacht in Brisbane'. Although military personnel was involved it was not a military conflict between two nations but maybe a social conflict. By the way: you are right, these uproars were little known in Europa.
However, ther is an interesting coincidence because in 1945 there were similiar riots in Halifax (Nova Scotia). I'd like to refer you to the book Sailors, Slackers and Blind Pigs published in 2003 in Canada and written by Stephen Kimber.
It is a fascinating yet unbelievable story. I've recently translated it into German.

The 'confused translator'
Unruhen 1942:  #871009
von Proteus-, 2017-05-24, 10:45  Spam?  193.83.231....
Brisbane  #871017
von Catesse (AU), 2017-05-24, 13:15  Spam?  
Does "Schlacht VON Brisbane" convey the correct impression? I think that "Unruhen" is not quite strong enough, but I might be wrong about that.
von anonymous, 2017-05-24, 14:10  Spam?  100.4.125....
I think Battle was used in the title to sell the book. In the book business, titles sometimes are given against the wishes of the authors under the premise that writers know nothing about marketing. This may have been the case here.

I agree that Schlacht is misleading, and I don't think Unruhen is the correct word for this. Two terms that come to mind are Krawalle and schwere Ausschreitungen. But those make for lousy book titles. Perhaps Schlacht in quotation marks? This would put the potential book buyer on notice that this is not about a real military battle with plans, tactical moves, a multitude of light and heavy military equipment and a large number of dead and wounded.
Title  #871022
von Catesse (AU), 2017-05-24, 14:40  Spam?  
Nothing to do with selling books. "Battle of Brisbane" is the official title used in official histories. It was some stoush.
von belvenfish (DE), 2017-05-24, 15:14  Spam?  
Thank you for this bit of history. It was unknown to me.
von anonymous, 2017-05-24, 15:54  Spam?  100.4.125...
4;Catesse: Right you are. I read up on it, and it was a major confrontation indeed.

But official or not, "battle" is a misnomer. Apparently, it stuck. But in my view, it just can't be translated with a plain Schlacht. That word sends the wrong signal to German ears. Hence my suggestion to put Schlacht into quotes. Perhaps prefacing it with sogenannte would also work.  From me as well: thanks for posting it.
von Realski Tovarich Trumpkin, 2017-05-24, 16:36  Spam?  91.21.99....
Drunk men brawling later tell their misdeeds as heroic acts. While "Unruhen" itselfs sounds harmless, newslines are often "... Tote bei Unruhen in ... ". "Aufruhr" is similiar, but Proteus-'s link at 10:45 has actual ghits referring to Brisbane.

On the other hand, "Schlacht" is sometimes used for less bloody events: (Reinhard Mey "Die heiße Schlacht am Kalten Büffet")
Miroslaw  #871039
von Catesse (AU), 2017-05-24, 17:11  Spam?  
If you get back to reading this: The "confused translator" was not aimed at you, but at the original entry:
"If the bounce of the new grinding wheel is overlarge, then the grinding wheel shall be broken."
This could be read as an instruction to break the wheel, not as a warning that this is what might happen. What you wrote was perfectly OK.
On second thoughts, what about Straßenschlacht?  #871080
von Proteus-, 2017-05-25, 12:11  Spam?  91.115.209....
Straßenschlacht  #871095
von Catesse (AU), 2017-05-25, 15:04  Spam?  
Might be suitable. "In Brisbane" or "von Brisbane"?
Further examples of “will“ not interchangeable with “shall“ » antworten
von Zuchi1, 2017-05-12, 17:58  Spam?  185.17.205...
Shall we start (the meeting)?
Shall we go (for lunch together)?
How shall we handle this (problem)?

These types of sentences are both current and common, the seeking of consent or consensus on matters not entirely within the wish or determination of the person asking the question.   Or what should be done.   In such sentences “will“ cannot replace “shall“.   Clarity of meaning is my main focus, not religious adherence to grammatical rules.

Windfall is of course at liberty to assert “Will we start?“ means the same to her.
von Proofreader, 2017-05-13, 00:54  Spam?  80.108.140....
Why do you start a new Chat instead of continuing the original one (

Why do keep deliberately misunderstanding Windfall?

You might want to read again more carefully what she said:
I am arguing that "will" and "shall" are now generally used interchangeably by younger speakers. I do not dispute that there are some specific cases where "will" and "shall" are not interchangeable and nor do I dispute that the interchangeable usage that does exist is not shared by all speakers.
Unemployed? » antworten
von Jim46 (US), Last modified: 2017-05-07, 20:49  Spam?  
Hunting pythons in the Florida Everglades can be rewarding.  The longer the snake, the more it pays.
Probably exciting at times too.
No thanks, Jim.   #870175
von Sunblind-Duck (GB), 2017-05-07, 21:22  Spam?  
Are they a danger to humans? I should imagine they are, but I really don't know.
After they squeeze the life out of you,  #870178
von Jim46 (US), Last modified: 2017-05-07, 21:38  Spam?  
they will swallow you whole.  They're decimating the native wildlife.  90% of the raccoon population is gone,
for example.  They even eat little alligators.  But the big gators get even.
LOL!  #870180
von Sunblind-Duck (GB), 2017-05-07, 21:48  Spam?  
Thanks, Jim. Very entertaining.
von aphoenix (US), Last modified: 2017-05-07, 22:19  Spam?  
Too bad.  It looks like this year's participants have already been selected. ;-)
.  #870185
von Sunblind-Duck (GB), 2017-05-07, 22:36  Spam?  
.....and I was so looking forward to nailing one up on the living-room wall.
von Windfall (GB), 2017-05-08, 11:03  Spam?  
They'll want to check the participants aren't breeding them. Wikipedia(EN): Cobra_effect
von Jim46 (US), Last modified: 2017-05-08, 16:54  Spam?  
It's amazing what people will do for money.

For instance, when collecting aluminum cans to be recycled, I know a person who puts a little sand
in some of the cans before crushing them.  The scrap value is determined by weight.  More weight--
more money.  Such people are not friends of mine.
Jim (especially)  #870259
von Catesse (AU), Last modified: 2017-05-09, 06:16  Spam?  
Thought you might like this.
(Might be considered racist now, but it is funny.)
When my husband was working at the bulk handling stations in the Wheat Belt of Western Australia during the university summer vacations, the wheat farmers had a nice little scheme going. The amount of wheat delivered was estimated by weighing the truck when it came into the station and when it went out and doing some elementary subtraction. But they would drive in with a dog or two in the truck's cabin, and out without the dog. Now, the monetary value of a dog's weight's worth of wheat is not great, but it was a good little earner if you did it often enough.
von Jim46 (US), Last modified: 2017-05-09, 23:45  Spam?  
Very entertaining.  I needed to look up some names, even Maori.

Nowadays, when a farmer brings a load of corn to the elevator to sell, while stopped on the scale,
a mechanical arm randomly plunges an instrument into the corn to measure its moisture content.  The
elevator (grain storage and handling company) does not want to pay for moisture.  The weight of that load
will be reduced according to the detected moisture content.  This is called shrinkage.

In bygone days, an elevator employee would just catch a small sample of the load as it was being dumped
to measure moisture.  He typically captured the first that flowed from truck or wagon.  Noticing this, an
unscrupulous farmer loaded dry corn at the back of the truck, then wetter corn to complete the load.  This
also caused the expense of drying that corn to be transferred to the elevator.  He laughed all the way to
the bank.

However, an experienced employee can notice the difference between wet and dry corn--how it flows and
how it looks.  That farmer eventually branded himself as a crook and ensured that future loads would be
closely monitored.
Sticky USB sticks? Think before you click on your stick. » antworten
von Proteus-, 2017-05-03, 14:42  Spam?  194.96.44....
IBM has been shipping malware-infected USB sticks
Thanks for the info.  #869865
von Jim46 (US), 2017-05-03, 15:12  Spam?  
I haven't bought any recently.
Mehrfachaccount » antworten
von Squirrel-quattro (UN), 2017-05-01, 21:32  Spam?  
Könnte jemand mit helfen, zu sperren?
Das ist eindeutig ein Mehrfachaccount, siehe z. B., und (Kommentare identisch (sowohl Link als auch Text)). Danke!
[GL 15: "- Multiple user accounts: It's not allowed to use multiple accounts to manipulate any voting systems, like voting for your own inputs or voting twice for the same entries."]
Please ask Paul!  #869752
von goog1, 2017-05-01, 22:24  Spam?  62.155.236....
Das ist eine Frage für Paul, den Betreiber von Schreib bitte an paul4;!
- - - - - - -
This is a question for Paul,'s creator. You can email him at paul4;
von Squirrel-quattro (UN), 2017-05-01, 23:22  Spam?  
4;goog1: Hab ich heute Nachmittag schon (indirekt über die "Report this user"-Funktion), scheint er aber noch nicht gelesen zu haben. Und eh noch mehr solche Einträge verifiziert werden, dachte ich, über's Forum geht's vielleicht etwas schneller ...
Squirrel-Q, ... und wennst mich fragst: Das ist alles der gleiche Club!  #869761
von Wenz (DE), Last modified: 2017-05-02, 08:30  Spam?  
Wenz: dito  #869764
von Squirrel-quattro (UN), 2017-05-02, 08:50  Spam?  
xn: an unser 17-jähriges Genie mit einem sagenhaften IQ  » antworten
von parker11 (DE), Last modified: 2017-04-30, 14:55  Spam?  
zur Info an andere Nutzer:

Lieber xn,

Deine Masseneinträge sind durchaus interessant, aber für ein Wörterbuch nur bedingt sinnvoll. Die englische Seite eines seltenes deutschen Verbs sollte schon eine Übersetzung sein, und die ist zugegebenermaßen schwierig. Im Zweifel sollte man dann zu einer eckigen Klammer greifen und eine Erklärung geben, nicht eine Übersetzung. Sprachebene!!

Dass so viele Deiner Einträge nicht verifiziert werden, liegt nicht zuletzt an Deinem Übereifer, aber auch daran, dass einem nicht recht wohl ist mit Deinen englischen Counterparts.

Mach doch mal ein bisschen langsamer, sonst wird das nichts.
von xn (GB), 2017-04-30, 15:05  Spam?  
es tut mir leid, ich werde nachgeben.
von xn (GB), Last modified: 2017-04-30, 15:31  Spam?  
ich war aber auch sichergegangen, dass alle Begriffe, die ich eintrage, auf Duden-Oxford oder Langenscheidt wortwörtlich vorkommen, damit sie nicht optimistisch rüberkommen würden oder unbrauchbar wären. Es widerspiegelt meinen Wunsch, dass dereinst größer als Duden oder Langenscheidt wird, zumindest so aufschlussreich wie solche Quellen wird.
von xn (GB), Last modified: 2017-04-30, 17:08  Spam?  
Ich habe mal jetzt einen neuen Speicherraum angelegt, worin ich Wörter einfügen kann, die auf noch nicht existieren, statt sofort einzutragen, werde ich nun im Laufe der Monate sehr langsam einspeisen.
xn: Hier bin der gleichen Meinung wie parker11  #869719
von Wenz (DE), Last modified: 2017-05-01, 10:27  Spam?  
Die Masseneinträge erzeugen einen gewissen Frust.

Empfehlung: Gib von einem (seltenen) Verb erst einmal die geläufigste Bedeutung ein. Der Nachschauer findet das Wort ("Aha, das gibt es tatsächlich!") und kann sich dann weiter informieren.
Ich nehme jetzt einfach mal VERQUASSELN sich verquasseln

Nebenbei zur Info: [Rechtschreibung vor 1901]
(die englische Seite kommt in eckige Klammern)
[alt]  *Rechtschreibung von 1901 bis zur jüngsten Rechtschreibreform*:  siehe Erklärung unter "alte Schreibweise (vor 2004)"
The Donald's story told a little sideways? » antworten
von Proteus-, 2017-04-29, 21:59  Spam?  194.118.23...
Happy ! » antworten
von Safina (UN), 2017-04-27, 14:23  Spam?  
I just want to say I LOVE this website, I think people are friendly and helpful, thank you all for your kindness!

Vielen dank für Ihre Hilfe Freunde!
Amen  #869552
von logger (US), 2017-04-27, 19:07  Spam?  
What impresses me is the great product that has resulted from the countless hours people have expended to build this website.  I have found it very useful, especially the feature that allows you to call up discussions about this or that from years ago.  There is a lot of nit-picking, but that is because people really care.   Should "nit-picking" be hyphenated?  Yes, and if don't agree, it's pistols at dawn.
Pistols it is!  #869582
von kkava (US/DE), 2017-04-28, 11:50  Spam?  
The plot thickens...  #869583
von kkava (US/DE), 2017-04-28, 11:50  Spam?  
I am reconsidering  #869701
von logger (US), 2017-04-30, 22:07  Spam?  
kkava, if you live close to central Maine, let's have a beer and talk things over before resorting to firearms.  I talk tough,  but I am in reality a superannuated wimp. Still, I am not sure I can give an inch on nit-picking, but I am willing to listen to your best arguments.
Sage advice » antworten
von Catesse (AU), 2017-04-27, 04:38  Spam?  
I thought that this might interest contributors who are a little disillusioned by some of the questions asked on Forum.
von Jim46 (US), 2017-04-27, 05:06  Spam?  
Chuckle  :-)
Could Paul turn this into a regular LINK next to Context / Please try on your own etc.?  #869545
von Proteus-, 2017-04-27, 17:06  Spam?  194.96.49....
von Paul (AT), 2017-04-27, 17:16  Spam?  
The English version:  #869551
von Squirrel-quattro (UN), 2017-04-27, 18:58  Spam?  
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