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English-German Translation of
Pag and S

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Pag. and S.  
von Windfall (GB), 2017-10-11, 12:14  Spam?  
I'm translating a text with a lot of footnotes in it at the moment. The footnotes quite often refer to documents in English.  Based on the documents the footnotes refer to "S." appears to stand for "Seite", which I've been translating as "p." 9meaning "page". LEO says "Pagina" (which I'm assuming is what "Pag. is short for) means "page number". I can't really see a difference between labelling something "page" and labelling it "page number". Can I just call both "p." or am I missing something?
Here's an example:
<name of document> S. 8, lit. J sowie K, Pag. 2 530
Possibly meant to confine 2 530 to lit. K and to avoid confusion with the pages of the principal document  #880416
von Proteus-, 2017-10-11, 12:35  Spam?  193.83.2....
Pag.  #880417
von sunfunlili (DE/GB), 2017-10-11, 12:38  Spam?  
Could Pag. refer to " lose Blätter / Bo/ögen " .... ??
von Windfall (GB), 2017-10-11, 12:39  Spam?  
Thanks, Proteus. I don't think that can be the case here because K is fairly short (just a paragraph). I wish I could show you the document, as I'm sure that would help, but unfortunately the confidentiality on this one is even higher than usual.
von Windfall (GB), 2017-10-11, 12:42  Spam?  
Thanks, sfl. If it does, I haven't found them.
Another annoying point is that the document doesn't have 530 pages, let along 2530 pages, so I'm doubly confused.
I probably should have said this earlier: the text I'm working on is Swiss.
von alex-k (DE), 2017-10-11, 14:35  Spam?  
[document name] p. 8, sections or paragraphs lettered J and K,
a law abbreviated to Pag., e.g. Patentanwaltsgesetz, section 2 subsection 530?

It could be an abbreviated way to denote a publisher also. But then there should be a clue somewhere in the bibliography.

There are plenty of languages who use “pagina” in one form or another to mean page. Dutch for sure, Spanish I think also but I don't know how they abbreviate it. But why would a single footnote refer to two different pages, even if this was a hodgepodge of sources in different languages? This does not make a lot of sense to me. That's why I would bet it's referring to something else. If not a law, a name, an institution that gets mentioned so often they grew tired of writing it again and again. Two space 530 is also odd in a bibliography. It doesn't make a lot of sense in a legal context, either. I'm just brainstorming here...

Once again, you, Windfall, have my sympathy. And I know that doesn't help with the problem.
Perhaps your transcription should be flagged Swiss and left as is. The Helvetians deserve credit for being peculiar, don't they?  #880424
von Proteus-, 2017-10-11, 14:40  Spam?  193.83.2....
von Windfall (GB), 2017-10-11, 14:56  Spam?  
Thanks, Proteus and Alex. Yes, maybe it is something other than "Pagina". I think I'll leave the abbreviation as it is and flag it up. It's a long legal text (about a financial subject) with lots of references. At least it's not obvious even to native German speakers how it should be translated. Thanks for the sympathy - it makes me feel better.

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